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2016, LA303 Gallery, San Miguel de Allende, MX

2002, Allene Lapides Gallery, “New Talent”, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
2002, Lowe Galleries, Atlanta, Georgia/Santa Monica, California.
2001, Patricia Carlisle Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico.
2001, Lowe Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia.
2000, Gallery Dorita, Atlanta, Georgia.
2000, Philharmonic Center for the Arts, Naples, Florida.
1999, Raymond Lawrence Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia.
1998, Simmons Gallery, Brenau Univ., Gainesville, Georgia.
1997, Trinity Gallery, “The Show”, Atlanta, Georgia.
1997, Hunter Museum, Chattanooga, Tennessee.

1996, Spruill Art Center, “New Americans”, Atlanta, Georgia.
1996, Quinlan Art Center, “Water”, Gainesville, Georgia.
1996, Simmons Gallery, Brenau Univ., “Condition/Response”, Gainesville, Georgia.
1994, Chattahoochee Valley Museum, LeGrange, Georgia.
1993, Fay Gold Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia.
1992, Lemia Art, “Pintores Internacionales”, Barcelona, Spain.
1992, Eve Mannes Gallery, “New Abstractions”, Atlanta, Georgia.
1990, Albany Museum of Art, “Artists in Georgia”, Albany, Georgia.
1985, Fay gold Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia.


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